It’s a Wrap: Female Founder Month Celebration Video

Comcast NBCUniversal is proud to share our final Female Founder Month story of 2017, a unique video experience created by women from around the world.

To celebrate Female Founder Month with Startup Grind and its global entrepreneur community, Comcast NBCUniversal partnered with Seenit to curate inspirational video messages from women from around the world. And, the response was amazing!

As the female founder of Seenit – a collaborative video platform that helps brands and grassroots organizations co-create stories with their audiences – I was beyond excited that we could help connect women to talk about their experiences as founders. We put a call to action on social media in mid-May and were blown away by the response.

Not only did women submit nearly 300 personal videos, they reinforced the importance of supporting each other by tagging as many fellow founders as a tweet could hold. They amplified our message and enabled us to collect videos from women of all ages, geographies, backgrounds and company stages.

The women posted words of wisdom and encouragement such as:

“Other female founders show me what’s possible but also give me guidance and support…and that’s what us girls need,” said Rose Lewis, founder of Collider.

“Women do rock and we’ve been rocking for a long time,” said Priscilla Burch, founder of FunClub.

“Female founders are changing the world by not taking no for an answer, stepping outside of comfort zones, removing fear and doing whatever it takes to create successful businesses for our families and our communities,” said Amanda Holbert, founder of PlasmaGlide.

Watching the video submissions roll in gave the Seenit team goosebumps and reminded us that this is a truly incredible time to be a woman in business.

I want to thank each and every person who shared our message and participated in this global celebration of female founders. What an amazing way to celebrate and champion each other and the difference we make each day.

Please watch the video below and share it with your networks. This will help to grow and strengthen our community even more.