Vet-Founded Startup Reimagines Contractor Services

Maintaining your yard just got a little easier thanks to a Philly startup

In an antiquated and heavily cash-based market, GROUNDiT streamlines lawn care to benefit both consumers and landscape companies. The veteran-founded startup has modernized the way homeowners find landscaping service through seamless mobile work requests.

“Our early positioning was as Uber for landscaping,” GROUNDiT co-founder Jacob Murphy said. “A customer requests a service on the platform, which then goes out to our marketplace of providers who can bid on the project through our pricing algorithm.”

GROUNDiT emerged from a collaboration between military veterans, Murphy and co-founder Matt Humiston. They previously managed facilities maintenance and services together for a local construction and building services company.

Murphy and Humiston also knew first-hand the unnecessarily cumbersome task of finding dependable lawn care and that there had to be a better and more efficient way. In 2015, they enlisted Humiston’s brother-in-law David Glover (also a veteran) to build the back-end technology and GROUNDiT was born.

Murphy also works as Business Development Manager at machineQ, a Comcast NBCUniversal service that gathers actionable data for companies. He cited his military experience, including nearly a decade as an officer and an air defense deployment to Kuwait, as one reason he was able to juggle a full-time job, pursuing an MBA, a newborn baby, and launching a burgeoning startup.

“Time management is huge for entrepreneurs,” Murphy said. “You have to manage every second of your day to the fullest extent and be prepared for some sleepless nights, but it’s worth it. I can look back and be proud of what I did. I have a product I can stand by and a job I love.”

Transitioning from military service to a civilian career is not always easy. But the GROUNDiT co-founders discovered a robust community of fellow veteran entrepreneurs who provided advice and resources at Bunker Labs PHL.

Thanks to a contact they met at Bunker, GROUNDiT may soon pivot and expand in an entirely unexpected direction beyond solely consumer-facing transactions. As many landscaping companies have been slow to transition to digital administrative tools, GROUNDiT’s efficient back-end may also be the perfect platform for companies to manage their accounts, invoices, and scheduling.

“Most companies may just use QuickBooks, but our platform would help businesses see customers holistically – from billing, marketing, and migrating new business into their portfolio to scheduling their crews’ routes,” Murphy said.

What’s especially exciting about GROUNDiT’s business-facing ambitions is that it can be used across service industries, not just landscaping.

“We know GROUNDiT can be powerful tool for both customers and service providers,” Murphy said.