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wiARframe empowers designers to prototype and share interactive AR experiences in minutes without code or prior knowledge. Founder: Jeremiah Alexander | Singapore |

Trapica Labs

Trapica leverages artificial intelligence to optimize social media campaign targeting decisions as they run, allowing marketers to reach the right audiences exactly when they are ready to convert. Founders: Michael Teitelman & Yoav Melamed | New York City, NY |

Thinker Tinker

Thinker-Tinker creates character-based learning platforms that blend traditional tactile play and digital interaction — transforming zombie screen time to quality, active play time. Founders: Yuting Su & Ray Chen | Los Angeles, CA |

Tally Interactive

Tally is the platform for interactive shows, live on your phone. Founder: Alex Au | Toronto, Canada |

Portl Media

Portl is a network of media and entertainment experiences for rideshare vehicles. Founders: Wyatt Shaw & Dan Forte | Toronto, Canada |


Polycade turns video games into in-person social events with an engaging, connected arcade console and a curated, digital games platform. Founders: Tyler Bushnell & Jake Galler | Los Angeles, CA |