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Secrets to Securing Venture Capital Investment from Scott Kupor

It all started at a Denny’s in Sunnyvale, California. Scott Kupor met up with his old friend Marc Andreessen who laid out plans for an ambitious venture capital firm looking for its first employee. That firm was Andreessen Horowitz, where Kupor is now Managing Partner, and which now boasts more than $7 billion in assets under management and 150 employees.

How Can Your Startup Stand Out? Master the Art of the Origin Story

Early stage startup founders need to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Many market themselves by talking about their unique product or the industry their disrupting. But the best way to really gain attention is to have a solid origin story. Why did they choose entrepreneurship? What challenges did they overcome along the way? How does […]

“Sound Like a Human” and Other Sage Advice on Mastering Your Brand Voice

For startups, developing a brand identity across digital and social media channels is a crucial part of gaining traction and reaching your core audience. Far too often, founders have basic questions. How often should I post? Which social channels are best for my business? How can I promote organic engagement with my content?

Erica Keswin Offers 5 Easy Ways to “Bring Your Human to Work”

How can your workplace be more human? Author Erica Keswin dropped by LIFT Labs PHL to offer some answers. She’s the author of Wall Street Journal best-seller Bring Your Human to Work, and frequently consults with organizations and individuals to help them improve performance through relationship building.