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Erica Keswin Offers 5 Easy Ways to “Bring Your Human to Work”

How can your workplace be more human? Author Erica Keswin dropped by LIFT Labs PHL to offer some answers. She’s the author of Wall Street Journal best-seller Bring Your Human to Work, and frequently consults with organizations and individuals to help them improve performance through relationship building.

What’s a Startup Accelerator Really Like? Go Behind-the-Scenes with Our New Docuseries

There’s nothing quite like a startup accelerator. Your business models are put through the ringer. Your pitch to investors and clients gets razor sharp. You make friends that last a lifetime. You work with incredible mentors. You drink lots and lots of coffee. With everything moving so fast, your mental and physical capacity is tested […]

Exit Interview: Polycade Poised to Disrupt Gaming After Comcast NBCUniversal Accelerator

Tyler Bushnell and Jake Galler learned a lot this summer. They’re the co-founders of Polycade, a gaming console that brings people together for social, in-person gaming. It’s more of an experience platform than a traditional arcade console. You can play classic games and modern titles. You can save data and share gameplay videos. Most importantly, it’s made gaming social again.