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5 Steps to “Speak Machine” More Fluently

Not everyone can be a talented computer programmer. But knowing how computers “think” is an absolute must for any business person. Luckily, John Maeda is here to help. After years of teaching at MIT and working with tech powerhouses like Sonos, Google, and eBay, Maeda knows how companies can harness the exponential power of technology […]

Inside Molly Beck’s Bold Plan to Take Podcasting Mainstream

Founder Molly Beck has a plan to make podcasting easy for everyone by making it as uncomplicated as launching a blog. Her startup is an all-in-one podcast production platform that makes it possible for even the most novice podcasters to record, edit, publish, publicize, and monetize podcasts without ever leaving the site — and without buying fancy equipment.

Sports News For Women and By Women: Welcome to The GIST

It all started over dinner. Ellen Hyslop was waxing poetic about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ improbable run into the NHL playoffs despite having a young, rebuilding team. Her friends Roslyn McLarty and Jacie deHoop weren’t big sports fans, but they found themselves mesmerized by Hyslop’s story. Her storytelling had a millennial voice and felt like a breath of fresh air compared to today’s typical (meaning, primarily male) sports culture.