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On July 23, Dr. Danielle Jackson is joining LIVE@LIFT to host this month’s Female Founders & Funders event, discussing ProjectDiane, and the important impact that the study has had on female founders, especially Black and Latinx founders.

Danielle has dedicated her entire career to pioneering research into women’s experiences, including the aforementioned groundbreaking study on the state of Black and Latinx women founders in the US. Now, as digitalundivided’s Director of Research, Evaluation, and Data, she’s leading all of the nonprofit’s research initiatives to catalyze economic growth in Black and Latinx communities.


Dr. Danielle Jackson
Director of Research, Evaluation, and Data, digitalundivided

Danielle M. Jackson is the Director of Research, Evaluation, and Data at digitalundivided, the leading nonprofit that leverages data, programs, and advocacy to catalyze economic growth for Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs. Danielle leads all of the organization’s monitoring, evaluation, and research initiatives. She also is responsible for the release of the biennial ProjectDiane report – a groundbreaking study that was the first to analyze and report on the state of Black and Latinx women founders in the United States. Her work with the ProjectDiane report continues to make headlines around the globe, as the highly referenced findings demonstrate the magnitude of venture capital funding disparities.

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