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LIFToff Beyond Viewing: Interactivity and the Evolution
of the TV's Role in the Home

Status: Applications open now through April 23, 2021
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How will people interact with and use their TVs in the future? Comcast NBCUniversal seeks emerging technologies and enterprise-ready startups to enhance their existing products and services by driving differentiated experiences in the home via TV. Potential areas include: using the TV as a continuous information hub, shared/augmented/extended realities, group watching/shopping/communication, voice and facial recognition and biometrics, enabling new consumer experiences in gaming or education and creating new revenue opportunities.


An enterprise-ready startup with a product or service
in market or very close to it.


Your partner in anchoring or expanding your
enterprise client roster.

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WEEK 1:Applications Open on March 31
WEEKS 2-5: Sourcing & Office Hours (April 5 – 30)
WEEK 6:Evaluation & Diligence (May 3 – 7)
WEEKS 7-10: Startup Shortlist Selection, Notification & Prep for Final Pitch (May 10 – 28)
WEEK 11: Final [Virtual] Pitch to Comcast NBCUniversal Business Leaders (June 7 – 11)
Finalist(s): Kick-off POC in Second Week of June



Apply here to be considered for an accelerated proof of concept and a chance for a paid pilot and/or commercial agreement with Comcast NBCUniversal. For questions about the program or application process, please contact us at


Each U.S. household has an average of seven digital devices with screens— from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and laptops1.

As screen time becomes more integral in our everyday lives, the devices that power them will continuously expand their product offerings and services. Through enabling functional technologies such as voice, smart speakers, XR, and wearables, television will go beyond viewing and into areas such as commerce, education, wellness and beyond.

Consumers are looking for immersive content.

U.S. adults spend an average of almost 6 hours a day on video content2 and with more people working from home, media viewing habits are on an interweaving continuum of work and play3. Along with video appetite, is an emerging inclination towards more dynamic and immersive content. While mass adoption is still years away, the growth of the VR category (particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic) is a strong indicator. An estimated $4B will be spent on VR content by 20254.

A robust media ecosystem cultivates new opportunities, including the Metaverse.

The global entertainment and media ecosystem continues to be reshaped by a myriad of factors including advancements in technology, consumer behavior trends, and unexpected events such as Covid-19. Since the pandemic, nearly 1/2 of U.S. consumers have participated in some form of video gaming activity5, shifting from a more passive viewing experience to a more interactive one. The Metaverse (an online/offline world filled with avatars, a virtual economy, and shared spaces) has been particularly brisk. One leading gaming company reported over 30M active daily visitors, spending an average of 2.6 hours in the Metaverse every day6.

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