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LIFToff CareTech Challenge: Platforms, technologies, and tools to address the challenges of caregiving

Status: Applications Closed


Caregiving can be an act of service, love, and commitment, but may also strain financial, physical, and emotional resources. For employers, offering flexibility and benefits to support caretaking needs (for children, aging adults, pets, the home, etc.) can help to build workplaces best poised to attract, retain, and grow talent. To that end, solving the challenges faced by modern caregivers truly is the new future of work, particularly as the boundaries between home and work are rapidly being redefined.

Comcast NBCUniversal is committed to supporting their employees, customers, and communities by identifying, and potentially investing in or partnering with, startups and emerging technologies that address the challenges of the care economy. Specific areas of focus include care coordination solutions, family communication portals, smart scheduling platforms, and tech-enabled services that bridge the trust gap or offer advocacy and support to caregivers or those in need of care.


Selected participants in this LIFToff CareTech Challenge may be eligible for:

  • Up to $250K in investment funding via SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity)
  • Potential paid pilot deal with Comcast NBCUniversal
  • Access to the Comcast NBCUniversal business leader network, including mentorship and connections to business units, where relevant

For questions about the program or application process, please contact us at

For more information, please see program FAQs.

An enterprise-ready startup with a product or service
in market or very close to it.


Your partner in anchoring or expanding your
enterprise client roster.

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WEEK 1:Challenge Launch: Applications open (8/18)
WEEKS 2-5: Sourcing & Office Hours (8/29 - 9/16)
WEEKS 6-8:Evaluation (9/19 - 10/14)
WEEK 9-12: Finalist Selection & Notification (10/17-10/23)
WEEK 13:Final Virtual Pitch & Finalist(s) Announced (Mid November)


80% of employees with caregiving responsibilities feel their duties affect their work

Employers agree, identifying missed days and early departures (sometimes necessary for caregivers) as behaviors most likely to undermine career progression. 1 Caregiving employees with more responsibilities and higher titles were most likely to be affected, with 61% of senior leaders and 44% of managers aged 26-35 reporting that their productivity was frequently undermined. 2

Caregiving ranked as the top workforce challenge due to the pandemic

A BCG study 3 found that more than half of working parents reported that their overall responsibilities at home—including housework, childcare, and help with schoolwork—had grown significantly. Further, those who care for children or aging parents were 1.4 times more likely to report being worried about their future at work than those without caregiving duties.

Significant barriers to caregiving, including trust and finances, limit the efficacy of existing solutions, leaving workers struggling to manage multiple priorities

53% of workers who quit a job reported that the costs of paid help contributed to their resignation. Another 44% quit due to the inability to find trustworthy help, while 40% quit because of an inability to meet work duties due to increased caregiving responsibilities 4.

Applications Now Open

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