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LIFToff Smart, Sustainable Environments Challenge

Status: Complete



This challenge aims to improve work and life for residents, businesses, and visitors in mixeduse spaces. Comcast seeks startups and new technologies that improve efficiency, operations, visibility, sustainability, connectivity, analytics, and occupant experience. Potential solutions may include (but are not limited to): Wayfinding, Heat-mapping, Presence, Augmented reality layers for more information, Water, Waste, Air-quality or experiences.

Watch this LIVE@LIFT event for insights on the current Smart, Sustainable Environments challenge.


Population growth strains land use and natural resources

Our population has grown from 2.6 billion in 1950 to 7.7 billion today and is projected to reach 9.7 billion in 20501. As the population grows, where and how we live, work, eat, and consume will significantly impact our natural resources' future.

Urbanization is growing and demanding innovative solutions

More than half the people across the globe now live in urban areas. The number of people living in cities will double to 6.4 billion by 20502, turning much of the world into a global city.

80% of the $1.328 trillion spent on construction was spent on mixed-use buildings3

A large focus of investment, funding and construction has been on mixed-use spaces, in part due to the desire that 62% of millennials have to live in walkable communities with shorter commutes4.

Building sustainable communities will lead to a safer, more inclusive and resilient environment

The improvement in efficiency and sustainability through innovative technology in mixed-use spaces will help to offset environmental, social and economic challenges. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals include sustainable cities and communities, clean water and electricity, combating climate change and responsible consumption5.

The Application Period for This Challenge is Closed and the Results Are Pending.

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