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Unlocking the Guest Journey: Engaging Universal Park’s diverse audiences through personalized experiences

Status: Complete.



Universal Parks delights its customers in edgy, thrilling and cheeky ways, bringing our favorite stories to life with unique experiences. Now, the team wants to personalize the full customer journey from pre-visit planning and exploration to on-premise activities to after-park engagements. Universal Parks is looking for enterprise-ready startups and their emerging technologies that lean into personalization and speak to their diverse audience, wowing them across mobile, online and in the park.
Example technologies or areas of focus could include: customer journey management, guest flow management, customer analytics and insights, recommendation engines (personalized marketing), agile learning loops and personalized learning to curate a best-in-class, inclusive experience for all guests.



An enterprise-ready startup with a product or service
in market or very close to it.


Your partner in anchoring or expanding your
enterprise client roster.

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Week 1 :Applications Open (11/15)
Weeks 1 – 4 :Evaluation & Diligence (Top Office Hours) (11/15 – 12/10)
Weeks 6 – 10 :Startup Shortlist Selection, Notification & Prep for Final Pitch (12/20 – 1/14, includes holiday break)
Week 11:Final pitch to Comcast NBCU business leaders (w/o 1/17)
Finalist(s): Announced and awarded late January


Travelers are eager to make up for lost time, and are chasing meaningful in-person connections and experiences.

After an exhausting year of altered life and virtual meeting fatigue, in-person events are booming and consumers are booking more, and longer, vacations (1) . For the Universal Parks guest, this means an escape from reality and a chance to re-engage with their favorite stories, pique their senses, and once again discover the human connection that has been missing. (2)

A one-size fits all approach no longer works.

It’s expected that over 50% of the US population will be minority groups by 2042, and the socioeconomic gap is continuing to widen. Now more than ever, companies need a clear understanding of the broad distribution of demographics within their target populations, what they value and what makes them unique. (3) Giving representative audiences a voice builds trust, inclusion, and meaningful experiences. (4)

As consumers become more tech-savvy, a seamless and engaging omnichannel experience is expected.

With increasing screen-fatigue and decreasing attention spans, consumers want to find answers and experiences that are personalized to their needs. It is no longer enough to have information at their fingertips, it needs to be easily accessible, accurate, relevant, and grab their attention.(5)

Travelers are eager for an escape, and their vacations include all parts of the journey, including planning and return.

With most travelers in 2022 planning vacations that last at least 5 days (6), the desire to extend an escape beyond a simple weekend getaway is clear. This reaches into the planning phase, with 75% of travelers finding “the journey to a destination is more enjoyable when it feels like part of the trip” (7), blurring the lines between when the vacation truly starts or ends. A perfect, immersive experience includes every step from pre-planning, in park experience, to the after-trip glow.

Applications for this challenge are currently closed.

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