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LIFToff Video AI Challenge: Elevated Content Experiences

Status: Applications Closed


Comcast Technology Solutions helps media and entertainment companies bring video to a global market effectively, reliably, and profitably. By leveraging emerging technologies, CTS stays on the cutting edge to make video smarter and more relevant for viewers, content creators and brands. Comcast is seeking enterprise-ready startups and their emerging technologies across AI, computer vision, deep learning and beyond, to deliver next gen video experiences and improve the content delivery and consumption experience.


  • Automated captioning (multi-language) and realistic dubbing
  • Mood, sentiment and emotion recognition and biofeedback
  • Short-form, shareable content generation
  • Recognition: Brands, logos, people, context, environment

For questions about the program or application process, please contact us at

For more information, please see program FAQs.

An enterprise-ready startup with a product or service
in market or very close to it.


Your partner in anchoring or expanding your
enterprise client roster.

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WEEK 1:Applications Open (6/21)
WEEKS 1-5: Evaluation & Diligence (6/21 - 7/22)
WEEK 6-8: Startup Shortlist Selection, Notification & Prep for Final Pitch (7/25 - 8/12)
WEEK 9: Final pitch to Comcast NBCU business leaders (week of 8/15)
Finalist(s): Announced and awarded late August/early September


As streaming options and competition for attention proliferate, viewers are feeling overwhelmed by options and cost

According to Publicis research, 45% of consumers feel they are using too many paid services for content. With the rising costs of daily life, consumers are becoming more cost-conscious and their appetite is growing for advertising-based free content1.

Enhanced viewer experiences and privacy are key

With so many avenues to stream and engage with content, it is a critical time in the video industry to reimagine the viewing and commercial experience. This starts by respecting viewer’s time, attention and privacy, and leveraging technologies that not only understand viewer needs, but deliver unparalleled experiences2.

Data-driven decisions in brand promotion optimize for experience and results

Artificial intelligence, machine vision and learning, and other emerging technologies are quickly creating the future of brand advertising3. They can be leveraged for moments across the value chain from identifying and segmenting audiences, to building creative, testing and dynamically improving ad performance, and measuring sentiment.

Smart technologies give content the power to do more with less, becoming more personalized and dynamic

As tools and technologies that analyze video content become faster and more sophisticated, the content itself takes on new potential to do more with less4. It can be cut, clipped, personalized and predictive to deliver better experiences to viewers and brand partners, and unlock opportunities for content creators and distributors.

Applications Closed

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