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Comcast NBCUniversal has a vast network of connectivity, media, entertainment, sports and tech leaders, and subject matter experts interested in mentoring founders. Many of our leaders are former founders or startups with professional backgrounds and skill sets that can help elevate your product or technology.

Apply to CONNECT with one of our business leaders who may be able to help you
overcome a challenge, problem-solve or grow your skills.

Applications are currently closed.

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Looking for guidance about a specific challenge facing your company?

This program can help. Through CONNECT, Comcast NBCUniversal employees with relevant expertise and experience are
connected to startup founders (you!) to offer advice on a particular challenge in a short-term mentorship engagement.

Is this the right
program for you?

We would like to be able to help all
startups, but CONNECT will best
serve those that are: 

  • Tech-enabled

  • Broadly relevant to an enterprise or strategically-aligned with one of our focus areas

    CONNECTED LIVING Home as the Epicenter for Modern Living

    Next-generation smart home applications and virtual technologies have turned the home into our operating system for work, school, entertainment, socializing, exercising, health, and wellness.

    NEXT GEN ENTERTAINMENT Multi-screened and Multi-format

    The way we consume content is ever-evolving, with more immersion and interactivity. New platforms, formats and technologies provide additional opportunities to create and deliver a broader range of entertainment and lifestyle experiences.

    FUTURE OF WORK The Hybrid Workforce

    The future of work will be distributed. Hybrid workplace models with teams spread out globally as well as in-person will require newer, richer collaboration tools that better enable teams to work together and/or asynchronously.

    PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCES Contextual Interactions with Customers

    Consumers deserve and demand experiences that are customized to their individual preferences. Advances in data and technologies enable a better understanding of consumers and create opportunities to develop new offerings and delivery models.

    SPORTSTECH Investing in and building the future of sports

    Startups are actively changing the world of competitive and professional sports providing players and teams with a competitive edge built on technology and innovation.

  • Post ideation stage – must have a company, not just the idea

These connections are for mentorship and collaboration on specific challenges, they are not intended to be sales or
business development opportunities.

Next Steps
Submit an application that includes details on why you’re seeking mentorship and what business challenges we can help solve with you. Be specific!
We will review applications and select up to 25 startups to participate in each cycle.
If you are selected, we will match you with a mentor that has the right skills to help you tackle the challenge you’re facing.
After connecting you with your mentor, our team will conduct check-ins and offer support as needed.

“I had a great match! I needed someone who has different skills than I do and I got that. I am also so grateful that she is willing to be in this beyond one meeting. I feel like I have someone on my team.”

Joelle Tolifero, Founder & CEO, Your Care Collective
Applications are currently closed.

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on the next CONNECT application period.


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