VIDEO: LIVE@LIFT – How to Manage and Motivate Your Remote Workforce with Mel Moeller

LIVE@LIFT is now virtual. LIFT Labs will continue to share timely advice and insights for founders during this unprecedented time. Replay the full session here.

In this session, Mel Moeller, Technology and Innovation Lead at Sky’s Innovation Lab in London, shared practical tips and tools on how to facilitate remote virtual collaboration and group work during these unprecedented times. 

5 Tips For Virtual Collaboration

  1. Over communicate and be explicit about expectations – especially when it comes to decision making, processes and expected deliverables
  2. Understand the team dynamic, personalities and communication styles – use deep listening techniques and develop an awareness of your team members’ preferred sensory systems (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic)
  3. Check tech competency and ensure that remote working tools don’t create a barrier – prior to running workshops or interactive meetings make sure participants feel comfortable with the technology
  4. Frame the problem and be clear about objectives – regarding any remote comms or interactions, ask yourself what’s the problem you are trying to solve
  5. Run blended sessions and use asynchronous comms – spending hours on video calls is tiring and disrupts deep thinking / focused work. Use asynchronous communications and when running workshops, try a blended approach instead!

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