Revolutionizing AI Product Development with Impact AI

Revolutionizing AI Product Development with Impact AI


The allure of artificial intelligence as a transformative force in business is unmistakable. In fact, 94% of business leaders view AI as essential to their success over the next five years and 76% are ramping up AI investments over the next fiscal year. Yet in the the rush towards AI adoption, fundamental questions loom for businesses and leaders. For example, are AI models compliant with global regulations? Do they deliver a solid return on investment?

Enter Impact AI.

The Austria-based startup is redefining AI development with software that empowers companies to ensure that their AI solutions provide tangible business ROI, resonate with end-users, and remain in compliance with constantly shifting regulations. Think of Impact AI as a command center enabling companies to develop and manage AI products from ideation to production to impact measurement with no coding required.

Some companies ventured into AI product creation but lost money because they didn’t really understand what users really needed.

Anna Maria Brunnhofer-Pedemonte

To address the usability problem, Impact AI offers a variety of solutions. Users connect their technology via an API, specify key success indicators, and subsequently receive a comprehensive dashboard displaying metrics such as performance, quality, fairness, and governance. It also helps developers predict how product iterations may impact key business metrics while continuously gathering user feedback to guarantee product alignment with user expectations.

With Impact AI’s assistance, product managers can confidently determine whether a product is relevant and resonating.

“In the next few years, many everyday products will likely be AI-centric, and they must be high-quality, safe, and simple to use so they integrate into our daily lives,” said Brunnhofer-Pedemonte. “With Impact AI, that will be easier and more effective.”

Impact AI also offers tools to help navigate compliance rules around the world by helping clients easily applicable regulations and offering actionable recommendations.

Justin Bercich, Co-Founder & CTPO

Justin Bercich, Co-Founder & CTPO

Impact AI Accelerates Journey’s American Dream Starts with Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs

Aiming for a larger presence in the U.S. market, Impact AI joined the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator: Enterprise AI. The six-week program is structured to help startups connect with Comcast to explore partnerships and pilot programs. Brunnhofer-Pedemonte sees Comcast as a dream partner and when she asked people in tech and entrepreneurship about the LIFT Labs Accelerator, she got rave reviews.

“We talked to a number of venture capitalists and investors who spoke very highly of the LIFT Labs accelerator as well as Comcast Ventures,” she said.


Working alongside tech and AI leaders at Comcast during the accelerator program has led to valuable feedback that’s not easy for a startup to get.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn within such a big enterprise,” she said. “Candid insights from Comcast leaders can help us move fast, iterate, and deliver the best possible solution for enterprise clients.”

Inspiration and Aspiration Brunnhofer-Pedemonte’s passion for the intersection of technology and human interaction traces back to personal experiences. Her brother is disabled, and watching him harness tools like voice-activated digital assistants to enhance his communication and independence has been a major inspiration.

“That’s where my fire comes from,” she said. “My inspiration comes from the transformative power of AI to improve people’s lives in so many ways.”

It led her to a career as an entrepreneur focusing on AI safety, human-centered AI, and ways to harness the power of AI to have a positive impact on the world.

Her co-founder Justin Bercich also boasts an impressive AI-centric resume, helping to successfully scale several European startups. When they met, the two hit it off immediately and their mutual vision for AI’s potential merged seamlessly. After officially teaming up, they saw AI ascending into mainstream consciousness. Instantly, they found themselves working in one of the most sought-after fields in tech.

“All of the sudden, we were the cool kids,” said Brunnhofer-Pedemonte. Now the co-founders are working to raise venture capital, penetrate the U.S. market, fine-tune their product offering, and cultivate a vibrant AI builder community around Impact AI. They envision Impact AI soon emerging as the go-to solution for AI product managers.

“While many companies have been focused on AI research, the next phase will be about actualizing AI and developing products that are useful and usable,” she said. “We’ll be there to help them realize that vision.”

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