Deci: Accelerating Deep Learning Model Creation

Deci: Accelerating Deep Learning Model Creation


Developing AI models capable of making predictions, automating processes, or analyzing multimedia content requires significant time, expertise, and computing power. At the same time, companies are under increasing pressure to stay ahead of the latest technologies and develop game-changing solutions.

Israeli startup Deci has emerged as an innovative solution to efficiently build computer vision, generative AI, and natural language processing applications. Deci’s advanced tools enable developers to create and run fast models on any hardware while lowering compute requirements, enhancing performance, and reducing time-to-market.

“Our system allows developers to build highly efficient deep learning models in weeks rather than months,” said Asaaf Katan, Chief Business Officer at Deci. The company also offers foundational models for generative AI, which companies can build on to make their own technologies.

“In a world rapidly adopting generative AI, efficiency is key. Our models typically lead to a three to five times boost in accuracy and runtime performance, 50% to 90% lower costs, and 70% to 80% reduced time to market.”

— Asaaf Katan

Asaaf Katan, Chief Business Officer

Since it launched in 2019, Deci has gained considerable traction, raising $55.1 million in venture capital, including a $25 million Series B round. Its client roster includes prominent names like Intel, NVidia, and RingCentral.

Another milestone came in 2023 when Deci joined the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator: Enterprise AI. The six-week program connected the startup with leaders at Comcast and other organizations while delivering programming on enterprise sales and collaborating with large organizations. The program offered Deci invaluable insights and strategic connections in the U.S. market.

“Visibility in the U.S. market had been limited for us,” Katan explained. “The LIFT Labs accelerator was an opportunity to connect with a large enterprise and learn how our value prop is being received.”

During the program, the LIFT Labs team connected Deci to stakeholders throughout Comcast — and those meetings proved incredibly valuable.

“We were very focused on connecting with AI leaders to understand the potential use cases for AI now and in the future,” said Katan. “The experience helped us continue developing our product roadmap and go-to-market strategies.”

Deci’s Foundational Journey and Strategic Vision

Founders Jonathan Elial, Ran El-Yaniv, and Yonatan Geifman launched the company in 2019. The team’s expertise, from entrepreneurship to venture capital and product marketing, has been pivotal in Deci’s growth. Katan met the founders just a few weeks after they launched — and the team immediately caught his attention.

Yonathan Geifman, Founder

Jonathan Elial, Founder

Ran El-Yaniv, Founder

“I’ve seen a lot of startups, but there was something about Deci,” Katan explained. “It had a very clear vision, robust value proposition, and a great team.”

Off-and-running with its team in place, Deci has worked toward a simple goal: deliver great AI products. The company tailors AI solutions to specific client needs and KPIs, whether it’s low latency, memory-efficiency, or high performance. A partnership with a major hardware manufacturer, for instance, led to a 60% faster manufacturing process thanks to visual inspection technology optimized by Deci. In other instances, teams use Deci to power automatic checkout systems at grocery stores or visual inspection systems in autonomous cars.

Looking ahead, Deci aims to solidify its market leadership in deep learning, with plans to expand its generative AI foundation model offerings and add to its already impressive customer base.


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