CodeComplete: AI-Driven Software Development

CodeComplete: AI-Driven Software Development

AI-powered automation streamlines tasks such as writing new code, optimizing existing code, and documenting code functionality.
Max Lu and Lydia Ding are addressing this dilemma with a startup called CodeComplete, which offers AI-powered end-to-end software lifecycle management tailored to enterprise developers. Using CodeComplete, developers can enhance coding speed and productivity without compromising data security. How? CodeComplete’s AI models are self-hosted inside company firewalls, ensuring that data never leaves their systems and remains secure.

“Enterprises shouldn’t be forced to choose between security and tools to leverage AI for software development. With CodeComplete, you get the best of both worlds.”

— Lydia Ding, Co-Founder, CodeComplete

Max Lu, Co-Founder, CodeComplete

CodeComplete’s models are trained exclusively on permissively licensed data repositories, aiming to minimize potential legal risks, and are fine-tuned on each company’s unique codebase to optimize performance. Additional features include natural language chat functionality and the ability to translate code between programming languages. Ultimately, CodeComplete offers a comprehensive suite of tools that enhance the developer workflow from start to finish.

CodeComplete has raised $500,000 in seed funding from Y Combinator and has attracted a significant client base, including Fortune 500 companies and large financial institutions.

Lydia Ding, Co-Founder, CodeComplete

In the fall of 2023, CodeComplete participated in the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator: Enterprise AI. The program provided invaluable opportunities for the team to engage with Comcast executives and explore potential strategic partnerships. The experience offered insights into the evolving role of AI in software development, and how some large companies are handling the issue.

“The LIFT Labs accelerator is an excellent, centralized way of getting startups like us in front of different stakeholders at the company,” said Ding. “Plus, support from the LIFT Labs team helped us navigate the whole process. It’s a really well-designed, supportive program.”

Starting a New Era in Software Development

Before launching CodeComplete, Ding and Lu recognized the incredible power of generative AI to revolutionize software development. While working at a major tech firm, Lu sought to employ AI in his team’s workflow but faced restrictions due to security concerns. Determined to harness AI’s benefits without compromising security, they worked on a solution that would let companies ensure that data was kept protected.

“I think AI is going to radically change how developers interact with code, leading companies to rethink the entire development environment and workflow,  said Ding.

What’s next? As CodeComplete evolves, Ding envisions continuous refinement based on customer feedback, and a product that increases developer productivity.

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