Democratizing Creative Video Advertising: How Waymark’s AI Aims to Redefine the Industry

Democratizing Creative Video Advertising: How Waymark’s AI Aims to Redefine the Industry


The company is joining the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Vertical AI Accelerator to advance its mission of making video ad creation more accessible.

Creating a high-quality video advertisement may require significant time, investment, and specialized expertise. While major brands are often able to allocate more resources to commercials and placements, this can put small and medium-sized businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

Enter Waymark, an AI-powered solution democratizing access to creative video ads. Waymark’s innovative video creation tool allows users to produce compelling commercials quickly and without the need for advanced editing skills. Waymark automates the process by incorporating motion graphics, professional voiceovers, and a company’s brand elements—such as fonts, imagery, footage, and logos. A key element to the video creation process is analyzing the business’s online content to craft scripts with just the right tone, voice, and value propositions.

“Creating a commercial for linear or streaming TV without being a motion graphics expert was nearly impossible. Either you had to hire an agency or undergo extensive training. Waymark eliminates those barriers.”

Alex Persky-Stern, Waymark CEO

To date, Waymark has produced over one million videos and supported 30,000 ad campaigns, representing $200 million in advertising spend for various types of businesses and advertising agencies.

Accelerating AI in Advertising

Waymark is participating in the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Vertical AI Accelerator. The program facilitates rapid testing of emerging solutions within Comcast NBCUniversal’s business units, paving the way for potential partnership opportunities.

“This collaboration enables us to leverage Comcast NBCUniversal’s vast reach and stellar reputation, setting the stage for potentially transformative outcomes,” said Persky-Stern.

The Waymark team is particularly enthusiastic about working closely with Comcast’s teams across entertainment, advertising, and technology to help gain industry insights and refine Waymark’s offerings.

From Concept to Leading Innovation

Launched in 2010 by founders Jay Gierak and Nathan Labenz, Waymark began as a straightforward video creation tool. With the advent of generative AI, the company incorporated a powerful AI to enable video creation in seconds from simple prompts.

Users start by selecting one of Waymark’s video templates, then toggle customization options such as duration, specific instructions, and desired tone — say “professional” or “fun.” The AI models are equipped with thousands of video components built by motion graphics pros — from lower thirds to transitions and end cards. Post-creation, users can refine their videos using an editing tool. The underlying AI, developed by motion graphics experts, continuously learns from user interactions, enhancing its performance and output.

Looking ahead, Waymark is committed to enhancing video quality and user experience, with aspirations to become the go-to platform for video ad creation globally.

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